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The Power of Next Gen Media Intelligence


A One-Stop Intelligence Powerhouse

Comprehensive access to all of the critical marketplace data you need to be fully informed and empowered.

  • What topics are gaining attention and traction?
  • What are the most influential sources and key voices?
  • What potential issues do we need to track?
  • How effectively are we communicating?
  • What’s driving engagement in our category?
  • How is our content performing versus competitors?
  • How are people feeling about our brand?
  • Who are the key thought leaders?
  • How can we leverage each platform for more impact?
  • How do I identify the best influencers for my brand?
  • What’s driving influencer attention and engagement?
  • How do I activate an influencer strategy?
  • How does Influencer activity affect brand sentiment?
  • What are buyers saying about our products?
  • How do our sales and distribution correlate to our social and digital activity?
  • Which trends are most relevant to our business?
  • Why are specific topics trending?
  • How are trends influencing audiences?
  • How can we leverage trends for greater marketing impact?
  • How can we create and activate high performing content?
  • What gaps do we need to address to improve campaign performance?
  • How can automation make us more productive?
  • Where do we get the greatest impact from our social investment?

The team provides a comprehensive suite of media monitoring services across print, online and broadcast platforms. The customised reports and analysis provided by them help us monitor our share of voice and gain valuable insights into our media strategies.

Singapore University of Social Sciences

Tailor the Platform to Make it Your Own

Realize new levels of value through customizable interfaces, with all critical information displayed how you want:

Automatically distil complex information into simple, easy-to-use widget interface

Dynamic filtering system parses non-critical information, allowing you to focus on high-value insights

Tailor each campaign interface to match exactly your needs, with important data immediately viewable

Fast and Intuitive Team Collaboration

DXT360™ enables you to keep your teams aligned and productive by making it easy to:

In just a few clicks set up teams with authorization levels for each campaign

Share customized dashboards to ensure consistent experience among all team members

Automatically set up report findings to deliver straight to inboxes

Thanks to the team, we are able to capture social media conversations that came from customers—whether it’s a compliment or feedback—without asking them to mention our account. We are also able to assess our Share of Voice each month which we can use to improve the contents of our owned and paid social media channels.

Eunike Kartini
Social Media Manager of OVO ID

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Let's talk about what media intelligence can do for you

Let's talk about what media intelligence can do for you